Why You Should Never Feel Guilty For Playing Casino Games

A friend of mine asked me the other day, “If I love to play at online casinos, does that make me addicted to gambling?” Personally I don’t think so, the problem lies with the way gambling is viewed by society. We are made to feel guilty about indulging our pleasures and taking a chance because the government want us to spend our money on taxable items. The fact is most online casinos are based in offshore tax havens, such as Gibraltar and Malta and that’s not going to put the casinos in the government’s good books.

The issue we really need to address is people’s attitudes to gambling. The majority of the population play the National Lottery, but because it is state franchised in the UK, (John Major set it up in the Nineties) it is pushed as a healthy and acceptable thing to play. In essence this is pure hypocrisy. In reality there is no difference between playing casino games and buying lottery tickets and we should not be made to feel guilty about our favorite past times because the government are not generating as much revenue as they’d like to by it.

People who play casino games are just like you and me, regular people who are looking for a lucky break. It’s no difference to playing the national lottery and let’s face it, you have a far greater chance of winning playing online than you would offline.

So the next time you feel guilty about gambling, just remember that life is a risk and the more you put into the more you’ll get out. Let us know your thoughts on the matter and leave a message below this blog post, if you have an opinion on the subject.