Strategies to Win at Online Casinos

casino strategiesA woman, upset about her losses, bemoaned the fact that she had been playing at online casinos for a decade and hadn’t made any money from it. A decade! I admire her perseverance. Still, the definition of insanity would mean that I would question whether or not I was supposed to keep doing it, or if I was supposed to do it differently.

A lot of people ask me if there is a trick to winning in online casinos, if you’re not playing games of skill (like poker) then you’re inevitably playing games of chance. And there’s no denying that the odds are in the house’s favor. So if you’re going on luck and the odds are against you, is it really possible to develop a strategy for winning?

The answer is yes, it’s possible to maximize your likelihood of winning. How?

Most people focus on little wins – the £20 they pick up from the slot machine, the £50 they win at scratchcards, the £5 they won from free casino spins. That is lovely, don’t get me wrong. We love all kinds of wins! But the long-term goal is to win enough to negate the losses you’ve made. Sound complicated?

Basically, you’re looking to stay in the game long enough to win the jackpot, without touching your own capital. With that in mind, you firstly need to find a great online casino offering a fantastic welcome bonus. Free casino spins are great but you also want a massive deposit match with a huge limit. That way you can play using bonus money without touching your own stake.

It’s important that you check all terms and conditions for the bonus – you don’t want to be stuck with a ridiculous wagering requirement.

Check the casino’s payout ratio, anything under 95% isn’t worth your time. If they don’t have it on their website or it’s too hard to find, there are heaps of reviews that will show you what you want to know.

Understand the rules of play, if you’re playing scratchcards and you have a choice between 50p or £1 tickets both with a chance to win £1,000 why wouldn’t you play twice as many cards?

Try to choose games of skill rather than chance, or at least games involving some say in the outcome – I know I touched on this before, but if you left your lucky charm at home steer clear of slots and give blackjack a go.

And most importantly, know when to walk away – if it’s not your day then it’s not your day. And you can live to play again at another time. Know your limits!

Enjoy yourself and good luck!