Strategies to Win at an Online Casino

online casinoStatistically speaking, the house is more likely to win when you play at an offline versus an online casino. But are there other strategies you can use to win casino games?

If you’re a keen player, you’ve probably heard a lot about strategies to win, whether they’re time-based, game-based or superstition-based. Having a somewhat tempestuous relationship with Lady Luck, I’m all for things that make her more likely to smile upon me – so I hit my favorite casino blog sites to check out what the punters say.

You’re more likely to win money if you play for shorter sessions. Basically, it holds that the longer you expose your money, the more likely it is that the house will win, so it advocates frequent short sessions as opposed to the occasional marathon session. But in the end, the amount of time you spend at the online casino is the same, so does it really make a difference? The only thing I can think of is that when you play for shorter periods, you’re less likely to fall into the trap of believing that a win is overdue (otherwise known as ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’).

You’re more likely to win if you play late at night or on the weekends. This one is a bit of a puzzle. If you’re more tired, how can you make good decisions? Maybe this has something to do with the number of people playing at these times?

Choose your games wisely. This one is absolutely true. Certain casino games hold higher percentage payouts, but more importantly, games of skill like poker have a definite advantage over games of chance, like slot machines. Then again, if you’ve got a useless poker face or aren’t good at these kinds of games it’s not really going to be a good choice is it?

Choose the right casino. Check out the eCOGRA seal of approval, license and audit. No point in winning if the casino is dodgy.

Know the terms of play. This seems a bit obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. If the payout is the same for a 50p spin and a £1 spin, why wouldn’t you spin twice at 50p instead of once at £1? Twice the spins equates to more chances to win.

And perhaps more importantly, know your limits. The only sure fire way to really win is to know when to stop and live to play another day.

What strategies have you used to win?