Scarfaces Slots To Be Released In One Week!

There are few games I have looked forward to in recent years more than Scarface slot. I’m a big slot fan but there’s something about the prospect of Scarface that’s really got my juices going. I think the fact that we’re going to be able to step into the shoes of Tony Montana is just too tempting to pass up. Even if he is the ultimate anti-hero, Scarface is guaranteed to blow all the competition out the water and trust me, there’s going to be no slot games worth playing after they release this one.

In my opinion there are far too many cutesy slot games which are released like clockwork and hardly any adult games you can really sink your teeth into. The upcoming release of Scarface slots is sure to readdress the balance and offer gamers the chance to play a slot where gambling is all a part of the destiny we choose. I mean even if we can’t identify with a Cuban mass murdering gangster ;) we can certainly see the film and feel a tinge of sympathy that Tony endures alongside an envy for the extravagantly wealthy lifestyle he promotes.

What can I say, it was the Eighties and extravagance was the name of the game. I look forward to indulging in some free spins and cashing in on Scarface’s cash pile. There’s sure to be a rush of players to

the casinos when it’s released, so I’d recommend you follow our links on this slots blog to find the best deals on where to play Scarface when it’s released.