Iron Man progressive jackpot keeps on growing

iron man slot games

Slots are a great pastime, and are the most popular product in all casinos. It is easy to see why, there is long tradition of slots in land based casinos, and it has followed suit in online casino sites. The games are easy to play, and even if a player does not hit the jackpot, small frequent wins make the experience pleasant with at least a small … [Continue reading...]

Jackpot of £5.88m Won at Butlers Bingo


Ever dreamed of being a millionaire? One man is living the dream after winning £5,883,044.43 in a single 30p spin at Butlers Bingo. John Orchard, 60, sat down to play online bingo and headed for the slots section, where he chose a progressive jackpot game. Moments later he realized he had won the jackpot – but didn't believe it. … [Continue reading...]

Immortal Romance Slot Now on Mobile

immortal romance

It's been a while since we've talked about the luscious Immortal Romance, so what's been happening? Well, the game has proved to be so popular that Microgaming has decided to release Immortal Romance slot for mobiles. That's right – no longer are you bound by the location of your PC, you can now play this slot machine on the go at your … [Continue reading...]

All About the Lucky Witch Slot Games

Lucky Witch slot

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble... if you've ever wondered if Lucky Witch slot games are the choice for you, let us reassure you! Platinum Play casino has just handed out a £20,000 win to an extremely fortunate player who was wise enough to choose Lucky Witch as the slot of the day. … [Continue reading...]

Embrace the Christmas Spirit With Sun Bingo

sun bingo

We all know bingo sites do seasonal promotions very well and each year it's a thrill to discover what they've got in store for players. This year is no exception and we're delighted to say that popular online bingo company Sun Bingo has kicked off the Christmas season with a countdown guaranteed to excite players! … [Continue reading...]

Are Free Slots Hard to Find?

free slots

As a casino slots player, it never ceases to amaze me on how many sites and gaming operators offer the chance to players of free slots spins on a variety of games, both new and not so new. All players have to do is utilize any search engine, type in the phrase 'free slots' and press enter to get an unending list of sites professing to give us free … [Continue reading...]

Player Wins $408,479 on Wonderland Slot

play Alice's wonderland slot

One of the best things about slots is the progressive jackpot – and we're thrilled to announce that the PJP on the tremendously popular Wonderland slot has been won. Jayleigh76 was playing at PKR (better known for its impressive 3D poker software) casino and chose to play Adventures in Wonderland. A few spins in, she entered the progressive … [Continue reading...]

Spreading the lucky word about the Rainbow Riches

rainbow riches

Everyone would have heard about Rainbow Riches, after all it is one of the most popular slots games since time began! The slots game was developed by Barcrest and is just a natural progression from the ones found in nearly every English/Irish pub in any part of the world. The reasons for the game's success and lasting draw is a mystery to us all. … [Continue reading...]

Dark Knight slots bring back fond memories

dark knight slot

I was looking through my DVD collection and found the Dark Knight. It brought back fond memories of the mysteries of Gotham City, the intricate story line and impressive visuals of that classic battle between good and evil. I then felt the urge to play the Dark Knight slots, and join Frodo and Aragorn in saving the world from the Black Riders. … [Continue reading...]

Save the world and win loads of cash on Iron Man Slot game

iron man slot

After viewing pretty much all the Marvel Superhero movies released in the past few years, the Ironman movie starring Robert Downey Jr. has got to be one of the best ever. So when I heard of the release of the slot game, I could not wait to get my hands on it and see whether the Iron Man slot game would be able to live up to the movie and my … [Continue reading...]