Out Of All The Casino Games Which One Is James Bond’s Favourite?

I was recently reading an article about Macau – the largest gambling capital in the known universe and I was struck when I discovered what the Chinese players casino game of choice was.

I mean here in the West, out of all the casino games available, Texas Hold ‘em undoubtedly takes the crown, however in the Far East, there’s another Daddy to be reckoned with. In the third quarter of last year, this game was responsible for over 90% of Macau’s revenue. When you have a gambling income as big as Macau’s it’s pretty impressive that one casino game is responsible for almost all of it.

Out of all the casino games you could think of it’s probably the most random, and no, before you leap to any assumptions, it’s not even a Chinese game such as Mah Jong. It’s actually a European game, the likes of which have faded out of popularity in Western casinos.

Still not got it? Well here’s another clue, it’s James Bond’s casino game of choice. If you’ve read the original Casino Royale, you’d be familiar with it, as Ian Fleming devotes an entire chapter on how to play it, but we don’t usually mention it on our casino blog. In the film version of Casino Royale the original game was changed to Texas Hold ‘em due to it’s popularity. Any ideas?

Well if you ever bumped into James Bond in a casino, he’d probably be in Macau playing Baccarat… and as any regular reader of this casino blog will know, he’d be drinking a Martini, shaken, not stirred.