Online Casinos Are In our Blood

Gambling is an inherent part of human nature, so totally wrapped in our DNA, that we sometimes forget that if it wasn’t for taking risks we would never have got anywhere in the first place. The reason I say this, is because many people will have you believe that playing at online casinos is wrong or immoral. Frankly what you do with your own money should be your own choice, within reason of course. If you want to play casino games then why shouldn’t you. There’s no reason to deprive yourself on one of life’s greatest pleasures – taking risks. Just because a small community of self righteous people feel the need to tell other people how to spend their money, doesn’t mean we should feel guilty about our favorite past time.

Let’s say they banned F1 racing or skydiving, they would be a tremendous uproar because thrill-seekers would be angry because they couldn’t spend the money that they earned the way they wanted to. So the fact that casino games are illegal in some countries just shows how narrow minded governments can be. It’s a question of responsibility and people aren’t going to learn how to be responsible if they are just banned from doing the things they like. They’re probably going to find a way round it and do what they like illegally, just look at the poker scandals surrounding the American market.

In order to become a more healthy society, governments have to accept that people will gamble and monitor it accordingly. Let us know your opinions on the matter, by just leaving a message below.