Online Bingo Sites Celebrate Halloween with the Lucky Witch Slot

Halloween is almost here! As usual, there are a few sites in the gaming world leading the celebratory charge towards the festive season, kicking off with some great Halloween promotions. Online bingo players have much to be grateful for as the sites at which they play offer great bonuses and games throughout the holiday period.

First up – Butlers Bingo, who is offering 25 free spins on Lucky Witch slot for all players who deposit £25 or more. This is a fabulous slot game, perfectly themed with pumpkins, spellbooks, potions and of course the Lucky Witch herself. We love this game and think it will definitely be one of the most played games across Halloween!

Next, a few sites are offering great jackpots to celebrate the holiday. Foxy has taken the number 31 to a whole new level, offering a massive £31K jackpot on the 31st of October during a special game to be held at 9:30pm. First prize is an impressive £20,000 and cards are just £1.50 each. Mecca Bingo has chosen the number 13, giving away £13,000 in a Halloween Bingolinx bonanza. Also held tomorrow night at 10:30pm, thirteen might be your lucky number!

Finally a whole raft of bingo blog writers report that their favorite sites have adopted cute Halloween themes for the period, including variations on the 5-in-a-row normalities and asking players to create pumpkin shapes! Get into the spirit of things with some spooktacular celebrations.