Lord of the Rings Slots On the Edge Of £1m Pay Out

If you’re a big fan of Lord of the Rings slots, chances are you also love the films, so I’ve been wondering if there was one out of the Trilogy that gets your blood pumping more than all the rest.

Personally I love the TwoTowers, just for the amazing battle sequences, for me it really brought the books to life. I love the scene when Gandalf and Saruman have that show down in the Tower, you could really feel the force of their magic off the screen! I was even more excited when I hit the Lord of the Rings slot machine Two Towers bonus round. Choosing between Orthanc and Barad-dur and watching the wheel spin literally gets my blood pumping every time, especially as when you get to that stage, you know you’re close to the massive progressive jackpot. The jackpot currently sits at over £1m which is just insane to think, it could be hit at any moment.

I’ve been playing it pretty regularly for the past couple of months and come agonizingly close to hitting the jackpot, but it’s proved elusive so far. However with a bigger push, who knows it could be yours, but not if I get there first!

That’s my main gripe with slot machines, I can’t stand the thought of other people winning the money that I’ve put in. But to begin with you, you’ve got to be in it to win it, so I’d simply say good luck to all of you on this blog and may the best slot fiend win!

  • wbantam

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