It’s Time for the Barcelona Affiliate Conference!

This week, the Barcelona Affiliate Conference will be held in the Fira Palace Convention center in the heart of sunny Spain. The European gambling world turns out in full force, from online casino operators and affiliates to software developers and SEO specialists – everyone comes to meet and chat about what’s happening in the online gaming industry.

The gambling industry retains its staff extremely well, so events like these are a great opportunity to meet up with old buddies that you haven’t seen since the last conference you went to. It’s a place where deals are made and renegotiated, seminars are taught and as any casino blog will tell you, a lot of drinking and networking is done.

Most importantly, however, it’s where we can find out what’s due to happen in the next few months – big game releases, whispers of mergers and rumors of expanding territory are all likely to be discussed. From a player perspective, this means we can find out all the gossip about what’s due to be released and what market will have it first – always useful to know!

We’re particularly interested in finding out if Microgaming is planning to bring out a sequel to the immensely successful Dark Knight slot which has blown the socks off so many players. It’s unlikely that they’d choose to create it so soon after releasing the original, but since the Dark Knight Rises has now been released, we’re beginning to wonder when they’ll put it in the works… we will ferret out any rumors and report back with the information!