Is Mercedes the Right Move for Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton confirmed that he has signed a three year deal to be with Mercedes from the start of next season. This announcement ends months of speculation on contract negotiations and if both parties (Lewis and McLaren) would be able to live with the terms and have a future together. Reviewing many of the betting blog sites, there is a mixture of opinion on whether this is the best move for Hamilton. But one thing is for certain, it is one of the most exciting news to hit the world of Formula One racing.

There is no doubt that Hamilton move to Mercedes is a huge risk, and takes him out of his comfort zone with McLaren. On the surface, it does seem to be a massive gamble by the 27 year old to switch from the established McLaren team that has won 16 times in the last three years to a Mercedes team that has only managed one! But there are a few strong arguments for why this move maybe just what the doctor has ordered.

The move has already been compared to when Michael Schumacher went to Ferrari in 1996 and sparked the regeneration of the Italian racing team. The Mercedes team also believe they are in prime position to take full advantage of all the changes to the chassis and engine regulations in 2014. Mercedes have also brought on board the best best technical minds in the business like Ross Brawn, Bell, Costa and Willis; which shows their intent for the future.

There is the added benefit that Lewis will now have the opportunity to take on more sponsorship and endorsement deals, which together with his pay rise is a welcoming thought for any professional. For me, I am betting that Mercedes will be inspired with the arrival of Lewis and if anyone can win races it is Hamilton, so watch this space!