Hope For Online Betting Fans: Miami Masters sees a stronger Andy Murray

Andy Murray has stated that his coach Ivan Lendl has made him stronger and hopefully will lead to the British Number One becoming more successful on the world scene. Andy beat Falla in Miami in straight sets and looks strong for the tournament. This may not have been the case, especially with his shock exit in Indian Wells and he was quick to admit that in the past it would have adversely affect his performance going forward. But thanks to Lendl, Murray seems to have gained that mental toughness to overcome those insecurities, something that will please British online betting pundits looking for Andy to break into the Grand Slam titles.

Lendl’s role as Andy’s coach began in January 2012 and there has already been a notable difference in his attitude and performances after a loss or poor result. Lendl was one of the best players in the 1980s and in my opinion is one the best players of all time. The reason for my admiration is due to his scientific approach to the game and preparing for his opponents. His meticulous and highly intensive training and physical conditioning regime, together with his experience will no doubt Andy in developing into the player that we all hope that he can be.

In time, we all hope that Lendl will be able to make the difference to the British Number One. Every time one views any betting blog sites on tennis, there are always posts on when the lad is going to come good and the fact that his window of opportunity for fulfilling his potential is slipping away. Come on Andy, get your finger out!