Go Green: Play Online Scratch cards

Free Scratch cardsI know my green. I use recycled toilet paper, switch off the lights when I leave the building and use public transport. I even avoid using the air conditioning when I can.

But all of this should not make you think I’m some kind of long-haired tree-hugging hippy who’s writing this World Gamble Blog to promote an environmentalist agenda (after all, I eat meat, occasionally take taxis and have secretly lusted after a Day Birger et Mikkelsen leather jacket for two weeks).

I only mention it because it just so happens that one of the many, many advantages of online scratch cards over their offline counterparts is the environmental gain. Think of the millions of trees you save by scratching cards online instead of buying them in a shop and discarding them minutes later! What a nice give back to the planet!

But it’s just one of the many benefits that online scratch cards offer. You can access them instantly, from the comfort of your home, without having to trundle to the nearest newsagent in the freezing sleet like a poor rendition of the Little Matchstick Girl.

Such ease of access is a lovely benefit for all but it is by no means the best feature. Where else would they not only allow you to play, but give you free scratch cards as well? Many of the best sites will offer a great bonus for joining, deposit matching bonuses and a number of free cards daily. They’ll also reward you for playing with them and these points are often redeemable for more free games. If you’re lucky enough to go VIP, you’ll be treated to the ultimate in account service – personal account managers, exclusive promotions, gifts and prizes.

There are so many great things about online scratch cards but we shouldn’t forget that the most important benefit is that you’ll get all of the fun – quicker and more conveniently than offline scratch cards – in an environmentally-friendly paperless fashion.

So if you’re in the mood for a bit of a scratch, head to our scratchcards section where we’ll show you all the best sites offering the greatest free scratch cards, biggest bonuses, widest range of games and best VIP teams.

  • Gayle Arvan

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