Free Online Poker Is All Work No Gain

The concept of free poker may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, considering the fact that betting is such an intrinsic part of poker. So what happens when you take the money away, does that mean that anyone can bluff whenever they want or take you all in, with no consequence of their actions? Well the way it works when you play free online poker, most of the time is that you are often rewarded with points if you win your games and the more points you get, the higher up the leaderboard you get. In essence the aim of the game is become the best poker player, with the highest amount of points, so really it is a competition for reputation.

The problem with free poker however is that because you are gambling with points and not with real money, you never really know the sting of a bad beat and you never win any actual money, surely the defining purpose of playing in the first place. Money is the language of poker, and without it, you are playing only half the game.

In defense of free online poker, it is a good way of introducing yourself to the basics of the game and getting to grips with different styles of strategy dependent on where you’re positioned at the table. For beginners and amateurs it’s the perfect playground to get a hang of the ropes, for anyone who’s played poker for money, it just can never compete.

So check back at our gambling blog for tips on how to up your real poker game.