Craps Gambling

Craps is one of the most popular floor casino games in the world. Whichever casino you visit, whether it’s the Rio or Caesars Palace in Vegas, one of the busiest sections will always be the craps table.

Craps is popular for many reasons. To begin with, it is generally perceived as an exciting and action packed game. Throngs of gamblers shout and stand around the table anxious and all focusing on the exact role of the dice, which is thrown in turns by the “shooter”. The thing about craps is that it is a sort of family game. I don’t mean it’s for kids and children or anything, but because everyone takes it in turns to roll the dice and everyone is talking around the table you begin to feel part of a family or community or something.  When you’re rolling the dice the crowd most often will be cheering you own (unless they’re going against the run of play by laying the odds).

Although craps can appear to be a very complicated game when you first see it being played, it’s actually extremely simple, you can play online craps to get used to the rules more. There are lots of different strategies that you can use in craps. For instance, it can be as simple as Blackjack rules if you only place Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line bets on the Come Out roll. These offer similar odds of 2:1 (just like blackjack does) and depending on the roll of the dice you even win or lose there and then. This is craps in its simplest form. However you can also play craps at far more strategic or advanced level. In terms of whether you can play craps professionally, there are some arguments in that field. But regardless, if you know a lot about craps and the different types of odds and bets that can be placed than the game will obviously look more complicated to beginners. For example, placing bets on things such as Come Odds, Field Bets, Snake Eyes, Horn bets etc. Although these seem complicated the actual definition and payouts are not difficult to understand. For example, field bets just means wagering money or chips on the outcome of the next role, such as a specific number. And Come Odds or Come Bets are likewise about wagering whether the next roll will be craps (2, 3 or 12) or 7 etc.

Most people are put off by craps by the confusing number of dealers, such as the pit boss, the stickman (dealer with the long stick who raked the chips in) and the two base dealers (a base dealer’s job is to take money and place appropriate bets or chips in the right section of the table). You don’t need to be however and this is probably the biggest downside to craps.

Lastly, in terms of making a profit, craps has some of the worst odds out of any casino game. Every casino bet in craps is in the house’s favor, and this can range up to 16% house edge for some types of bets (e.g. any 7).

  • The Dice Doctor

    Probably one of the worst articles written about Craps – the truth is the game is the best odds in the casino with a Passline with Odds bet almost giving up less than .2 % house edge. No other game offers as good odds!