Cole’s Apology Gets Him Off the Hook and Playing for England

Almost immediately after the FA sentenced John Terry for the racist comments directed at Anton Ferdinand, Ashley Cole tweeted insulting remarks aimed at the FA and their judgement. The reaction was most likely the result of the FA commission expressing doubts and questioning Ashley Cole’s evidence submitted to the FA commission. However, in true Cole form, he then quickly retracted the twitter comments and apologized unreservedly.

This was not enough to totally absolve himself from his deeds and the FA charged the England defender with misconduct on Monday. Betting blog sites have all had their say on where this would go, with pundits and fans torn in half. One side, there is the loyalty and friendship for his friend and team-mate, and on the other hand you have a grown man having no control nor thought on his comments.

In the end, Cole got off lightly and he received no match ban. FA chairman David Bernstein accepted a personal apology and said that he was satisfied that Cole showed true remorse for his actions. So that together with his public apology, Ashley has proven that once again the most stupid of actions can be resolved by saying sorry, really well.

Sports betting fans supporting England maybe relieved about the fact that Cole will not be missing out on the England game coming, but I distinctly get the feeling that patience is running thin on how much more ‘errors in judgement’ we can take from Ashley.