Casino Games Are a Welcome Source of Revenue and Entertainment in Italy

Gambling is a part of life in Italy and like many aspects of cultural entertainment it is most definitely not to be messed with. Despite the doom and gloom of European economic predictions, Italians continue to play casino games with all the vigor and hearty enjoyment that we’ve come to expect from our friends across the pond. Slot machines, bingo parlors and the all-important Lottomatica are as busy as ever as Italians settle in for their entertainment.

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Wynn Resorts to Open a New Casino on the Cotai Strip

The Macau government has approved plans for another casino resort on the Cotai strip in the world’s largest gambling market. Wynn Macau, the Chinese arm of billionaire Steve Wynn’s company Wynn Resorts, plans to construct a 2000-room casino resort on 51 acres of land, offering casino games, convention space, shops, entertainment and restaurants.

Macau, the only place in China where gambling is legal, has experienced a boom of late, with revenues for the territory rising 42% to £21.4bn last year. This is almost six times that of Las Vegas and there’s no indication that the growth will slow anytime soon. The Cotai strip, an area of reclaimed swampland, is envisaged to be similar to the Las Vegas strip and it has become a highly sought-after area for casino operators.

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Deal or No Deal – an Online Casino Programme?

Latest online casino news: popular TV program “Deal or No Deal” may be forced to switch timeslots to post-9pm amidst claims that it breaches gambling laws. The program, which involves contestants guessing which of 22 cases contains the jackpot, faces having to obtain a license for gambling as the game does not involve an element of skill, and non-skill games played for profit require a license.

Although contestants do not wager any of their own money, once they’ve picked the first case, since it could contain a lot of money they’re effectively gambling with their own cash. ITV’s Red or Black? is also rumored to be under investigation and plans to renew Play Your Cards Right have been put on hold.

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Popular online poker and gambling site Bodog has had its .com domain seized by the US Department of Homeland Security. The seizure of, which occurred on the 27th Feb, is the latest in a long line of crackdowns by the US government.

However, the poker and betting company is likely to feel no financial pain from the move, as they had switched their operations from to in May 2011. It has been reported that Bodog are consulting with legal advisors on how to get the domain returned. A BodogBrand spokesperson stated that ‘it is important to state that Bodog UK, Bodog Europe and Bodog Asia have never taken bets from the US.’

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William Hill Loses Case Against 32Red

Casino blog sites report that William Hill has lost its appeal against the trademark infringement case brought against it by rival 32Red.

After releasing a casino called 32Vegas, the online casino games giant was taken to court by 32Red for infringement of the ’32Red’ and ’32′ trademarks. 32Red has built its brand around the number, offering a £32 casino bonus also styling themselves as Red32. The trial took place in October 2010, and the High Court found in favor of 32Red.

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Get Your Hands On An iPad 2 For The Best Online Casino Experience

If you’ve used an iPad 2, you’ll know just how fun they can be to play with, but it can be hard to figure out just exactly what you can use one for. Sure you can browse the web on it, check your email and read the Guardian with a flick of the wrist, but if you really want to get the most out of one, I recommend downloading a compatible online casino and seeing for yourself what a massive difference it makes.

To be honest, initially I was a little skeptical about the whole iPad obsession, but then my friend thrust one into my hand with a live game of Texas Hold ‘em on the go and told me to play. That was it, I was hooked. The controls were just so intuitive and responsive as my fingers skated across the screen, raising, checking and folding. The other online casino games I tried as a result, were just as good, if not even better! Roulette was just a dream, I couldn’t believe how fun it was, watching the wheel spin beneath my nose and tapping the screen to place my bet. However it really got impressive, when I explored the slots section of the online casino and started playing Immortal Romance slots. As I tapped spin and watched the reels blur, the graphics exploded out of the screen and the cash started rolling in. It was almost like the iPad was bringing me luck!

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Latest News: Bingo Addiction Led to Theft

A woman addicted to bingo stole from an elderly woman she was caring for.

According to online bingo news, Barbara Taylor, 58, was convicted of stealing £20,300 from her neighbor in order to fund her addiction. The victim, Elizabeth Bailey, is an elderly lady who depended upon Taylor to look after her and do her shopping. Taylor began with good intentions, running errands with the victim’s bank cards, but eventually the temptation proved to be too strong and she began withdrawing cash from an ATM located inside a bingo hall.

Some of the £20,000 was used for legitimate purposes, but approximately £11,000 went towards funding her habit, bingo sites have reported. The victim only discovered the theft when she realized her bank accounts were empty and she had outstanding bills to be paid by direct debit. Bingo blog sites report that Taylor has been jailed for 12 months.

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Proposed Tax Would Hurt Online Casino Players and Companies

A recent report by audit firm Deloitte has found that more than 40% of British people would migrate to unregulated online casino sites if the proposed internet gambling tax goes through.

Commissioned by William Hill online casino, the report says that 27% of revenues would move to the unregulated market if the government levies a 10% tax, with that figure rising to 40% if the tax is at 15%. Since the objective of introducing the tax is ostensibly to protect consumers, it seems the proposed tax is counterproductive at best. In addition, a number of online casino reviews have indicated that companies themselves would exit the market if a tax was introduced. Most casinos currently avoid the UK’s hefty tax of 15% by locating their operations offshore.

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Happy New Year – Join the Casino Cheer

So we’re just a few days away from 2012 and loads of online casinos have already begun working on their last minute offers for tomorrow to keep you guys playing all the way into 2012. While we won’t exactly advocate you spending midnight staring blankly at your computer rather than kissing a random person you drunkenly stumble into at a New Year’s party, we do recommend you log on tomorrow and take a peek. After all, you can play online casino games THEN head out the door to the party of your choice.

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Cheaters Never Prosper

Scratchcard cheatersThe latest in scratchcard news here: it seems the age old proverb that cheaters never prosper has been proved right yet again. A lady from Penkridge was recently convicted of stealing nearly £11,957 of tickets from the scratchcard stand, although the face value of them was said to be closer to £15,000!

But the greatest thing about this was, that despite all her efforts to get her hands on a prize that was worthwhile, she never actually won a jackpot! Most of the prizes that she won are believed to have been between £2 and £20 – nothing of any significant value. The chances of that happening are quite low considering that most scratchcards tend to pay out between 1:2.5 and 1:6.

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