Greg Elder’s “Gamblers Fight Back” Book Review

Today is the official release date for Greg Elder’s newest book “Gamblers Fight Back: A Professional Gambler’s Journey of How to Survive and Thrive in the Casino”. Since I grabbed a pre-release copy about a month ago and already finished reading the book, I decided to write a review about it. In short, the book has a strong emphasis on professional gambling, but the book is filled with information that could be used by anyone to become a better gambler.

He starts his book describing why he started seeking for more excitement in his life and how he ended up in Las Vegas. I found this part quite inspirational, not many of us would consider a career in professional gambling while unemployed. That’s exactly what Greg did and he became successful.

After the intro he explains various techniques used by casinos to get you to spend more money at their venues than you would be comfortable with. Some of the things he reveals are not even known by most casino employees, let alone regular gamblers (I should know, I’ve been a dealer myself). I have always been wondering why the casinos are laid out the way they are, now I know why. This revelation would fall short if there weren’t any follow-up tips on how to not end up in one of the casino’s traps. The tips Greg gives can and should be employed by anyone, regular and professional gamblers alike.

Now’s the time to get to the core, Greg starts by describing all the characteristics of a winning gambler. Not having these, one should seriously rethink his career in professional gambling, or be tremendously talented like Stu Ungar, what a fascinating person he was.

Greg then goes on to explain different ways to make money as a professional gambler. Topics range from money management to how to interact with casino employees, as well as common pitfalls to avoid. As disciplined Greg is, he has fallen fallen for one himself.

He dedicates a big part of the rest of his book to video poker, blackjack and sports betting. All of these sections contain tips on how to turn the odds against the casino. The reason he picked these 3 forms of gambling is that these games have pretty good odds to begin with and with various techniques he explains in his book, it is not that hard to exceed the desired 100%+ payout (100% is the line between loosing and a winning gambler). Of course it is possible to reach that goal with other games as well, but the winning margin would be lower than with these 3 types of gambling activities. After all a professional gambler is in a casino in order to earn money, not to seek entertainment by trying out different types of games.

One of the notable things I found out by reading his book is that one does not have to be a math savvy to become a card counter in blackjack. All you need is dedication and a lot of practice. Similarly you need to learn and practice all the right moves in video poker. He doesn’t go much into details regarding the most optimal strategy of blackjack or video poker, but he does point to the right direction where anyone could learn these.

Finally he writes what he thinks the future will hold for professional gamblers and ends the book with the conclusion of his own experience as one.

In conclusion the book is perfect for those who consider a career as a professional gambler in the US, especially in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Though most of the information in the book is universal and can be employed by almost anyone, you may still find some things not working out for you as described in the book should you lack discipline or if you are ‘working’ with non-American casinos.

Free Gambling Book Giveaway

I know I haven’t paid much attention to this blog for the past year, but that’s because I have been busy building and improving a slot blog I own. I announced a free gambling book giveaway at about a week ago and figured since this is a gambling blog, you might be interested.

It’s a new book called “Gamblers Fight Back” written by a friend of mine Greg Elder. I’ll be giving away 1 pre-release copy of the book for an author of a blog comment at 777click, the second pre-release copy will go to a newsletter subscriber.

The idea of the book is to give gamblers the tools they need to counter all the dirty tactics many casinos employ to get you to spend more money at their venues than you might be comfortable with. In some cases you can even come out on top by using techniques commonly practiced by professional gamblers. Who else has the authority to speak about these matters than a professional gambler Greg Elder himself who went to Vegas with the sole purpose of becoming a professional gambler and support his family by gambling for a year. You’ll know more about his adventures as well as techniques he has picked up by reading his book. He also runs a professional gambling blog, so you might want to take a look at that instead, if reading a full book is too much for you. I do hope I can get Greg to write for WGB as well.

Synopsis of “Gamblers Fight Back”

After reading a book about a guy who gave up everything, moved to Las Vegas to become a professional gambler with only $6,000 to his name, and went on to become a millionaire, Greg Elder’s mission was set. For the next year, he decided to support his wife and daughter as a professional gambler. He wasn’t exactly sure HOW he was going to do this, but he couldn’t wait to get started.

The odds moved slowly in Greg’s favor as he discovered the method to making professional gambling a career. Over the course of 12 months, he became an expert on the world of casinos. He investigated everything from the most beneficial tactics to the psychological warfare that is used to deter unsuspecting gamblers. In the midst of this, he discovered a new purpose for himself, one that allowed him to do what he loved without losing himself along the way.

Be prepared to have your eyes opened and your perspectives broadened as you follow Greg’s journey through the busts, folds, and jackpots of being a professional gambler.

This book will show you the methods used to defeat the casinos. You will learn the step-by-step practical techniques Greg used to put the odds in his favor over the casino. Also, you will be exposed to all the tactics used by the casino industry to get people to spend more money than they intend. Decide for yourself if these methods are simply good business practices to maximize profits, or dirty attempts to manipulate people into uncontrollable emotional choices.

The book will be officially released at Amazon on March 12. 2013 but if you want to get a pre-release copy now for free, check out the giveaway details at The competition is really weak because I have failed to spread the word around properly so you have a really good chance of winning the book. For example if you were to make 2 comments or subscribe to a newsletter, you would have 50% chance of winning the book, do both and you will have 50% chance of walking away with 2 books and 75% chance of winning 1 book.

Highlights of 2012: Events in the Online Casino Industry

best online casinoAs we close out 2012, it’s a good time to review all the events that happened over the past 12 months and speculate what might occur in 2013. Here are a couple of things that had the online casino industry talking…

International developments
The US remained firmly closed for international business, despite promising moves towards a regulated interstate gambling industry. Still, that didn’t seem to faze numerous amounts of operators who spend a good deal of the year forming partnerships and alliances with US-based companies, in preparation for the eventual legalization of online gambling.

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The William Hill-Playtech Partnership Comes to an End

The joint venture between gambling company William Hill and leading software provider Playtech is coming to an end with William Hill taking the first step towards exercising its call option. Casino blog sites report that the gaming giant has asked for an evaluation of its 29% stake in the joint venture ahead of the call option next month.

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It’s Time for the Barcelona Affiliate Conference!

This week, the Barcelona Affiliate Conference will be held in the Fira Palace Convention center in the heart of sunny Spain. The European gambling world turns out in full force, from online casino operators and affiliates to software developers and SEO specialists – everyone comes to meet and chat about what’s happening in the online gaming industry.

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Online Poker Addict Due To Be Sentenced For Embezzlement

A woman who embezzled nearly half a million dollars from the Columbia State Hospitality Association to support her addiction to online poker and slots is due to be sentenced. Rachel Duncan, 42, pled guilty to charges of tax evasion and wire fraud and has agreed to repay $367,000 over the course of her lifetime.

The theft was discovered when the founder and Executive Director of the company, Tom Sponseller, went missing earlier this year. He was found days later in the office garage, having committed suicide and left a three-page note detailing Duncan’s confession to the embezzlement.

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Indonesian Government Moves to Ban Online Casinos

In a statement released earlier this month, the Indonesian government has announced that it will move to ban all forms of online gambling, including free lotteries and door prizes as well as online casinos.

In a seminar hosted by state radio station RRI, informatics applications chief Ashwin Sasongko said that the Social Affairs, the Religious Affairs, Communications and Information Technology Ministries will all be working together to effect the ban.

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MMORPG Under Fire for Casino-Style Feature

Remember the good old days where you had to work hard for Mario to pass a level on his way to save the Princess? Kids these days have it easy – tips and tricks on the internet and now these features are being introduced where you can win what it is that you need to succeed – honestly!

Runescape, a fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game that has been running since 2001, has introduced a new ‘Squeal of Fortune’ feature that allows players to win items that they can use to help them on their journey. You can purchase extra spins for cash. But the feature, which resembles a large spinning wheel, has been roundly criticized by players who feel it markets online casinos to children.

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UK Retailers Slammed for Combining Online Casino Games with Shopping

Is it shopping, or is it gambling? UK retailers have adopted a unique way of marketing to their consumer base – by asking them to play for their products. Instead of paying for their goods, customers are encouraged to participate in an online casino style game, spinning a wheel to win their product.

The wheel costs £1 to spin and if you win the product, you’ll be asked for a delivery address. If you don’t win the product, you are under no obligation to buy it. The program, operated by Yipiii Gaming, boasts that you can’t lose – because even when you don’t win the product, you receive points, free spins, in-store discounts or entries into prize draws instead.

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Online Casino Games Now Legal in Spain

Following months of deliberations about the finer points involved with creating a gambling regulatory framework, the Spanish online gambling market has officially opened. Spanish citizens will now be able to play online casino games legally, but only within the country and only at designated sites.

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