Scratch Cards and the Games You Can Enjoy

Who would have thought that it was so easy to make money playing games online? And it doesn’t come any easier than when you play scratch cards. These awesome instant win games will give you the opportunity to make money within seconds and there’s no doubt that you will be entertained for hours playing these fun and colorful games.

One of my favorite things about playing scratch cards online is the variety of games with great animations that they feature. You would never be able to find these games offline because they rely on animation to make them so engaging, but you might find that they offer a whole different perspective on the whole way you play games online. The crazy characters and cute creatures are without doubt the most enjoyable aspect of playing instant win games online and add a whole new aspect of awesomeness to enjoy.

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Crazy Scratch is Sending One Lucky Player to Thailand

We’re always in need of a good holiday, especially when it promises to be so fantastic! With the weather being so dreary of late, we’ve not been having the best summer. But thankfully, online scratchcard company Crazy Scratch is offering one lucky player the chance to escape to beautiful Thailand, where the beaches are bright and sandy, the food is delicious and the sun is always shining.

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Free $5 Scratch Card Bonus Up for Grabs

If you’ve never tried playing scratch cards online now would be a good time to start, because we’ve created a site totally devoted to helping you find the best scratch card bonus offers out there. Most sites that we review and would recommend offer $5 free, minimum, for you to play with without even having to put down any of your details or registering with them. The best thing about this is you get a fiver to play absolutely free, to check which games you enjoy or whether it’s your cup of tea. The most exciting thing about this is that you can win real money playing with the free fiver. If you win, then you can withdraw the money when you need it, if you don’t you haven’t lost anything!

As casino games go, scratchcards are some of the most underrated around and they still offer the same jackpots and huge payouts that you can find playing on a slot game or video poker machine. however many people turn their noses up at scratch cards as they believe they’re somehow inferior to other casino games. The irony is that scratchcards are even more fun and easier to play than pretty much any other casino game around and are the quickest ones to win at.

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NeoGames Releases New Online Scratchcard Games

For those of you who continually search for something new and different, NeoGames has a treat for you. Following the release of their immensely successful Bold and the Beautiful online scratchcard, there are now two new slots and three instant win games for you to try!

‘The Amazing Spiderman Revelations’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Revenge’ are in the tradition of Marvel slots. Both are 5-reel, 25-payline progressive slots with a Marvel Hero jackpot of over $6,500.

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NeoGames Releases The Bold and the Beautiful Online Scratch Cards

Fans of online scratch cards will be utterly delighted to find that a touch of glitz and glamor (and no small degree of drama and hairspray) is about to grace their screens in the form of the highly-anticipated Bold and the Beautiful scratch card.

NeoGames has partnered with the Emmy Award-winning show to produce an instant win game based on the hit television show. The scratch card game will feature the Forrester family in all their glory as well as popular supporting characters, and players will need to match two characters for their chance to win up to £200,000.

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The Quickest Way To Make A Thousand Pounds With A Scratchard

If you want to make money quick, I mean really quick, without even having to learn how to play, then have a go at a scratchcard and fingers crossed you’ll come out on top. There are few games which are as immediate or as instantly satisfying as scratchcards, after all they are the most democratic of casino games, because you don’t need any education or understanding to win.

If you want a quick thrill, then the scratchcard is your best bet, you don’t have to learn any confusing hand rankings or complicated odds systems before you spend your money, you just scratch away and hope for the best.

Even better you can now get a free scratchcard when you sign up to some gambling sites and you can win real money without having to put a penny down. There can be no denying the draw of money for nothing and this is one of the few actual places where that dream can happen. Of course you need some luck, but luck can happen at any time and any place. If you don’t win then, you might get lucky next time.

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The Sunday Scratch

scratchcardIf you’re looking for a lazy Sunday morning activity, what’s better than a scratchcard?

If you’re reading this gambling blog, chances are you’re thinking about trying your luck this morning anyway. Sunday is the day of rest, the final day before we all have to go back to the daily grind on Monday and as such we all want to make best use of it.

If you’re anything like me, pyjamas are the default outfit of choice until at least noon on a Sunday. Since it’s not quite cold enough for flannels yet, odds are you’re in your favorite jersey/modal number that’s comfortable enough to make you think you’d like to move in and spend your whole life in them. And the best thing about playing a scratchcard online is that you don’t have to bother with getting changed and going outside – it’s fun that’s only a click away.

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Go Green: Play Online Scratch cards

Free Scratch cardsI know my green. I use recycled toilet paper, switch off the lights when I leave the building and use public transport. I even avoid using the air conditioning when I can.

But all of this should not make you think I’m some kind of long-haired tree-hugging hippy who’s writing this World Gamble Blog to promote an environmentalist agenda (after all, I eat meat, occasionally take taxis and have secretly lusted after a Day Birger et Mikkelsen leather jacket for two weeks).

I only mention it because it just so happens that one of the many, many advantages of online scratch cards over their offline counterparts is the environmental gain. Think of the millions of trees you save by scratching cards online instead of buying them in a shop and discarding them minutes later! What a nice give back to the planet!

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We are all aware of the many online casinos and poker rooms that can be found in cyberspace. has now brought lotteries into the internet era as well. This is very good news for anyone that is a fan of playing their draws. Traditionally, people are restricted to participating in only their local lottery games. Thanks to the TheLotter, players have access to lotteries from across the globe. is hardly new to the idea of online play. They are true professionals who have been in existence since 1996. Over the years they have expanded to offer over 50 official draws from all over the world. As a site that believes in growth, new lotteries are always being added to ensure that their customers have access to the best that the industry has to offer.

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