At an Online Casino it Pays to Know the Rules

For us casino players, it can be hard trying to figure out what games offer the best returns over the lowest risks. That’s one of the reasons why we write this blog, to help share the knowledge and spread the wealth, so that no one has to go unprepared into a online casino, everyone can play with the benefit of hindsight and we can all learn from each others mistakes.

If it was up to me, I would make sure that everyone familiarizes themselves with the rules of the game they want to play before they start playing it. This might sound obvious but it’s actually the most common way players get caught out when they are playing at an online casino. It pays to pay attention from the beginning, especially when there’s money involved, so don’t pretend you know how to play a

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The Importance Of The Casino Blog and The Online Casino Community

Easter is almost upon us and we’re already pulling straws on whose going to have to write blog posts over the Easter period. Unfortunately writing about online casino games is never as enjoyable as playing them, however without blogs, reviews and features, where would we share our thoughts and beliefs about playing casino games.

It’s only when something disappears that you notice how much you missed it and the same goes for the online casino community. Without our gambling blog, or the online casino forums, there would be no community so to speak of.

In any entertainment industry, you always need forums and reviews where fans can express their views and learn from each other’s experiences. This is all part of the whole communal experience and a vital aspect which allows our experiences to be shared and improved upon.

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Why You Should Never Feel Guilty For Playing Casino Games

A friend of mine asked me the other day, “If I love to play at online casinos, does that make me addicted to gambling?” Personally I don’t think so, the problem lies with the way gambling is viewed by society. We are made to feel guilty about indulging our pleasures and taking a chance because the government want us to spend our money on taxable items. The fact is most online casinos are based in offshore tax havens, such as Gibraltar and Malta and that’s not going to put the casinos in the government’s good books.

The issue we really need to address is people’s attitudes to gambling. The majority of the population play the National Lottery, but because it is state franchised in the UK, (John Major set it up in the Nineties) it is pushed as a healthy and acceptable thing to play. In essence this is pure hypocrisy. In reality there is no difference between playing casino games and buying lottery tickets and we should not be made to feel guilty about our favorite past times because the government are not generating as much revenue as they’d like to by it.

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Reviews, News, Views – Do We Really Need Them?

In the gaming world today we can find a huge amount of content to do with casino games. Nearly all casino sites provide some sort of description and/or review of their games, but unfortunately, it doesn’t provide a truly unbiased opinion. Sites with online casino reviews have become the only way of gaining a true perception of the games. These sites, if managed correctly, provide an invaluable service to us all – both operators and gamblers.

From an operator’s perspective it gives them invaluable customer feedback on what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

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Casino Movies to Watch at Cold Winter Nights

Casinos are seen as the realm of the rich and famous and we get this illusion from Hollywood and the movies that they make. From corrupt casino owners to casino heists, there’s something that’s cool and collected about casino movies, and here are s a few of the best out there.

The Cincinnati Kid, 1965

This classic movie about poker stars screen legend Steve McQueen and follows an up and coming poker player who tries to prove himself in a high stakes game against one of the masters.

The Sting, 1973

Robert Redford and Paul Newman star in this casino gambling classic where these two Hollywood legends go up against a gangster, to the backdrop of a fantastic soundtrack.

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Why Play Online Casino Games, If Not For The Money?

casino gamesWhat is the incentive of playing at online casinos other than the money? Well funnily enough it is a factor that is overlooked more often than not and best of all it’s entirely free… can you guess what it is yet? Risk. Gambling is all about risk, about taking a chance and hoping it pulls off.

We get the biggest buzz in life from doing things that seem the most risky, whether that’s asking a girl out on a date or playing online casino games, both actions involve you taking a gamble on an uncertain outcome. The girl could said no, the roulette wheel could land on black, in both cases we leave it up to chance to decide the final outcome.

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The Downfall of Online Poker in the United States

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which outlawed any kind of online wagering activites in the United States in 2006, has been in effect for 5 years now and not much has been done towards legalizing or regulating online gambling. Luckily the governments of most other developed countries have been more sane and have not yet felt the need to control what their citizens spend their money on.

This has led to a wide gap between an average American poker player and players from countries where online poker is still legal. Take World Series of Poker for example – before 2006 non-americans winning WSOP main event were few and far between, however since 2006 the tables have turned and only 2 out of 5 tournament winners were US citizens.

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What’s The Benefit Of Making Bigger Bets At An Online Casino

online casino gamesOnline casino games are for many people an entertaining past time which promises the possibility of winning untold fortunes. For others they are a way of life, a full time occupation which pays the rent and bills each month. So what is it that inspires a player to make the leap from casual player to High Roller?

Anyone whose played at an online casino will know that winning can be totally arbitrary. One person who hardly ever plays may log on and suddenly win a land slide jackpot on a progressive slot, while another player could be playing regularly for months and only be breaking even. Unlike poker where the more you play, the better you become, when you play online casino games, the same strategy cannot be applied. The incentive to play regularly for much higher stakes derives more from our individual desire for larger risks and bigger gains. True, the more you play, the more confident you’ll become, especially with table games, where skill does have a large factor to play, yet playing for small stakes can be frustrating because the amount you win can be so minimal it doesn’t justify playing in the first place. Perhaps if you want to make more of a difference you should consider playing with more at stake.

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Strategies to Win at Online Casinos

casino strategiesA woman, upset about her losses, bemoaned the fact that she had been playing at online casinos for a decade and hadn’t made any money from it. A decade! I admire her perseverance. Still, the definition of insanity would mean that I would question whether or not I was supposed to keep doing it, or if I was supposed to do it differently.

A lot of people ask me if there is a trick to winning in online casinos, if you’re not playing games of skill (like poker) then you’re inevitably playing games of chance. And there’s no denying that the odds are in the house’s favor. So if you’re going on luck and the odds are against you, is it really possible to develop a strategy for winning?

The answer is yes, it’s possible to maximize your likelihood of winning. How?

Most people focus on little wins – the £20 they pick up from the slot machine, the £50 they win at scratchcards, the £5 they won from free casino spins. That is lovely, don’t get me wrong. We love all kinds of wins! But the long-term goal is to win enough to negate the losses you’ve made. Sound complicated?

Basically, you’re looking to stay in the game long enough to win the jackpot, without touching your own capital. With that in mind, you firstly need to find a great online casino offering a fantastic welcome bonus. Free casino spins are great but you also want a massive deposit match with a huge limit. That way you can play using bonus money without touching your own stake.

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Strategies to Win at an Online Casino

online casinoStatistically speaking, the house is more likely to win when you play at an offline versus an online casino. But are there other strategies you can use to win casino games?

If you’re a keen player, you’ve probably heard a lot about strategies to win, whether they’re time-based, game-based or superstition-based. Having a somewhat tempestuous relationship with Lady Luck, I’m all for things that make her more likely to smile upon me – so I hit my favorite casino blog sites to check out what the punters say.

You’re more likely to win money if you play for shorter sessions. Basically, it holds that the longer you expose your money, the more likely it is that the house will win, so it advocates frequent short sessions as opposed to the occasional marathon session. But in the end, the amount of time you spend at the online casino is the same, so does it really make a difference? The only thing I can think of is that when you play for shorter periods, you’re less likely to fall into the trap of believing that a win is overdue (otherwise known as ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’).

You’re more likely to win if you play late at night or on the weekends. This one is a bit of a puzzle. If you’re more tired, how can you make good decisions? Maybe this has something to do with the number of people playing at these times?

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