Play Online BinGo for Gold this Olympics

With the Olympics nearly upon us, many bingo sites are gearing up to provide fantastic promotions for their players who’d like to celebrate with their own favorite sport – bingo! Play online bingo at any Joy of Bingo brand (Wink, 888ladies, Posh, RedBus, Tasty, Bingo Street & BigBrotherBingo) and you can take part in the spectacular cash-eriffic promotion, BinGo for Gold.
This incredible promotion gives players the chance to win a share of £10,000. The BinGo for Gold game will take place in a special bespoke room at 9:30pm on Sunday, 12th August, and the FH winner will receive £4,000. Second place (2 Lines) will receive £3,000 and the bronze medallist (1 Line) will receive £2,000. Even those with 1TG or 2TG will win a share of a £1,000 pot.

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Online Bingo & The Secret of its Success

If we didn’t play it online, we’d play it in the street, in people’s houses, wherever we could, not just because we love to play bingo but because of the global community of players who love indulging in this great pastime. If you’re not familiar with online bingo then it’s about time you got to learn what all the fuss is about, because it’s become one of the fastest global phenomenons and it’s still going from strength to strength.

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The Best Online Bingo Prizes For The Summer

I know a lot of people out there are looking forward to their summer holidays and the prospect of lying down on the beach and enjoying the sunshine, however if you haven’t got the funds to head abroad this summer and you’re looking for a source of amusement, then let us tell you about the best online bingo sites about and what you could stand to gain from just playing at one.

Bingo is big business nowadays and you can win considerable prizes just by spending a few pennies buying some bingo tickets. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself, just head to our reviews via the link above and see just how many prizes, promotions and jackpots you could stand to win just by playing bingo. Last year William Hill Bingo gave away about 30 of the latest VW Beetles and this year a variety of sites are offering you the chance of trips abroad to the Big Apple or a Caribbean getaway. This could really be your chance to get lucky and enjoy the high life you deserve.

In order to get started just head to our site by following our link and check out the different bonuses you can pick up. If you click on our no deposit bingo tab, you can find all the sites where you can sign up for free and start playing with a bonus totally free of charge and not even requiring a deposit!

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Study Shows that Playing Bingo Online in Summer is Less Likely

Is it too warm to play bingo? Since it’s not that often that we can lay claim to having great weather in the UK, the people who live here are determined to enjoy every day of summer they have. It’s certainly understandable – why not go out into the sunshine whilst you actually have it? There is one drawback, though – if you’re outdoors, you’re hardly likely to be carrying your laptop around, and that means you’re much less likely to be able to play bingo online.

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Bored Football Housewife Wins £1.3m Bingo Jackpot

Bored with the Euro2012? You might want to take a leaf out of Lisa Potter’s book, who, after being made into a football widow (one of many at this time), decided to pass the time by playing bingo games instead of snuggling up to her loved one in front of the television. Her partner, Terry Goodman, is probably feeling rather thankful that he refused to change the channel away from the Euro2012 – because Lisa won £1,364,745.23 from a £5 bet.

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What Makes People Play Online Bingo?

For those of you that still think bingo is the domain of the elderly, think again. More than a quarter of people in their Twenties play online bingo and it’s not just women! Plenty of men play it too and it’s a great way to socialize with people and win some money in the process. I can’t emphasize just how popular it’s become in the last few years and its success seems content to rise and rise.

So just what is it about online bingo that is so appealing to so many of us. Well in my opinion its a combination of different factors that all have a part to play in its overall success. The chance to win money from spending relatively little, is always a big attraction and many people are attracted by the cheapness of bingo tickets and the jackpots at stake. Then there’s the community aspect where you can chat with people and meet new people online, which makes it so much more friendly and sociable. Also the fact that you can just play it from home, without having to trek around outside, means you can play it to your hearts content in the warmth and comfort of your own home. Add to that the other prizes like holidays and cars that you can win and you’ve got a surefire hit on your hands.

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Play Online Bingo? Then Check Out Our Exclusive Offers!

Bingo, the greatest game that you can play without even having to leave your house is gaining a huge following and we’ve been busy amassing as many exclusive offers as we can. So far we have accumulated some of the finest offers available on the Internet from the best sites, so if you like to play online bingo, make sure you head to our site to find an offer worth signing up for.

As with anything you spend money on it always pays to shop around and the case couldn’t be more true than with online bingo. So when you head to our site, you’ll be able to find separate categories depending on what kind of offer you are looking for. Most sites offer very similar games, however where they primarily differ, is over the size of the bonus and the quality of the community experience they offer. Some sites have a great community feel, while others just aren’t able to compete, however community is quite a subjective value and you really have to play on the site, to know if you like it or not.

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Playing Bingo Games in 3D

Could we really have 3D online bingo games? It seems that after the wave of 3D hype that swept the film world, we’re beginning to see indications that bingo games could get the same treatment. It seems that our favorite number games could get a makeover, with several sites jumping on the technological bandwagon to produce 3D animated characters.

What’s next? Could we see the game adopt PKR-style graphics, with players able to choose and customize their avatars down to the last tiny detail? Could we be able to choose the environment in which we mark off the numbers on our cards?

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Play Online Bingo to Have a Great Time and Save Cash

Despite the recent doom and gloom of economic forecasting, bingo is still one of our favorite pastimes. There’s no denying that people are being forced to tighten their belts and save where they can, yet they still want to have fun and enjoy life – so more and more people are beginning to play online bingo as a great alternative to going to the halls.

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Win Real Money Playing No Deposit Bingo For Free

People often ask me, is it possible to win real money without depositing any. In the case of no deposit bingo, this is actually possible, as many sites offer you the chance to play for free without actually having to deposit any money initially. If you’ve ever played online bingo you might be familiar with the different kinds of bingo rooms that you can play at. Bingo rooms are usually segregated by theme, size of prize and cost of tickets. At certain bingo sites you’ll be able to find free bingo games where you can win actual prizes.

Prizes vary from cash prizes in excess of a hundred pounds to holidays abroad, card and the latest gadgets. I’ve heard of quite a few incidences of women winning great prizes without even having deposited any money or created a real money bingo account.

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