The Best Online Bingo Venues

Bingo is a much loved games that had been enjoyed in bricks and mortar venues for decades, and has also made a very successful transition to the online medium. In its traditional form bingo become known as a game for a certain demographic of the public, namely the older generations.

However, thanks to online bingo the game has expanded and is now enjoyed by people of all ages, and all walks of life. Being able to get in a round of number dabbing from the comfort of your own home has seen the world of online bingo take off in a big way.

In this three part article you will see a list of the very best bingo websites available.

Bet365 Bingo
Bet365 have a reputation that is revered throughout the gambling fraternity, and they are one of the biggest gaming operators in Europe. The company gained notoriety for its extensive sportsbook and award winning casino, but has also enjoyed rave reviews for this excellent bingo experience.

The site opened its doors in 2008 and has since gained a reputation for having a staggering amount of games and also for jackpots that are befitting one of the industry’s big hitters.

X Bingo
X Bingo comes with the backing of the Mandalay stable of gaming venues and as such can deliver on great progressive jackpots while also offering the very best in safety and security measures. X Bingo is one of the best looking bingo websites but there is much substance behind the gloss, and despite its young age it has quickly established itself as one of the best online bingo options.

With the reputation of its parent company to uphold the pressure was always on X Bingo, but luckily it has lived up to its billing and sits comfortably beside its more illustrious contemporaries.

Caesars Bingo
This brand new bingo offering may be in its infancy, but with the massive name that is carries it is little wonder that it has began its life in such grand fashion. There was much hype when Caesars launched in the summer of 2011, after all this was an online bingo venue from the same people who run and operate the world famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

You will feel that you are in the gambling Mecca of the U.S when you play your bingo on Caesars. It oozes that Vegas feel and is a really classy place to be, while coming from a complete gaming legend means that you will be treated to some market leading jackpots, bonuses, and offers.

Foxy Bingo
If you are from the UK then you will be hard pressed to find a more recognizable bingo brand than Foxy Bingo. That is because the company have certainly been assertive in their marketing strategies, and are the sponsors of familiar TV shows as well as operating their own radio station.

Luckily Foxy Bingo has much to shout about as it has become one of the biggest online bingo venues. A mix of top games and a great and vibrant community keep the players flocking back to Foxy, while the jackpots can reach very high sums meaning that all types of bingo players are catered for.

If you are looking to play your bingo under the umbrella of one of the biggest names in European gambling, then Ladbrokes will surely be at the top of your list. The company are the biggest UK land based betting operation with every town and city in the UK housing at least one Ladbrokes venue.

Although the company are best known for their sportsbook, they have taken to the online bingo world with aplomb. Ladbrokes have also used decades in the industry to deliver a great all round bingo destination that despite its formal looks scores high for its great cash incentives and breadth of gaming choice.

Sing Bingo
Sing Bingo brings something new to the online bingo party, and offers players a totally unique environment and concept in which to do their number dabbing. As the name suggests, Sing Bingo is created around the theme of music with its gaming rooms carrying musical names and prizes taking the form of music memorabilia (although of course cash jackpots are available).

Sing Bingo has put itself firmly in the fun bracket of bingo websites, but there is some serious gaming action to be had, and some great jackpots to be claimed.

Sun Bingo
Newspaper giant The Sun has noticed the growing trend in online bingo and its popularity, and opened their own website in 2006. Coming from the world of tabloid journalism may not be the credentials needed for a top bingo experience, but Sun Bingo delivers what could arguably be claimed as the best online bingo experience.

With the backing of the UK’s biggest selling daily newspaper it seems that Sun Bingo had the means to deliver all the things that avid bingo players want. High jackpots, great gaming choice, fun promotions, and lucrative bonuses are all in evidence on Sun Bingo, while its look is a refreshing break from the traditional online bingo website design.

32red Bingo
32red are one of the biggest operators in the online gambling sector and they have become one of the best in what they do. Being able to count numerous awards from their various ventures, it is little wonder the 32red Bingo is a great bingo venue. It is also one of the oldest, opening its doors in 2001. Years of experience have allowed 32red to hone their craft, and what the player is left with is a bingo site that ticks every box.

As one of the biggest gaming brands you can expect to see some of the very highest progressive jackpots around, while the customer service and security is award winning and admired throughout the gambling fraternity.

32red Bingo concludes this look at the best online bingo venues. This list is in no way exhaustive and you will find dozens of other online bingo destinations that are fantastic gaming experiences. Always be prepared to look for a venue that suits your specific needs and carries some great offers.

These listed venues merely offer an all round package that cannot be surpassed elsewhere.

Holiday Success for Bingo Players

bingo gamesHow was your holiday break? The Christmas and New Year period can be a little hit or miss when it comes to bingo because people are spending time with their family and friends and aren’t necessarily inclined to play online bingo. Sometimes the most popular sites will be quiet for a few days!

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Jackpot of £5.88m Won at Butlers Bingo

Ever dreamed of being a millionaire? One man is living the dream after winning £5,883,044.43 in a single 30p spin at Butlers Bingo. John Orchard, 60, sat down to play online bingo and headed for the slots section, where he chose a progressive jackpot game. Moments later he realized he had won the jackpot – but didn’t believe it.

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Embrace the Christmas Spirit With Sun Bingo

We all know bingo sites do seasonal promotions very well and each year it’s a thrill to discover what they’ve got in store for players. This year is no exception and we’re delighted to say that popular online bingo company Sun Bingo has kicked off the Christmas season with a countdown guaranteed to excite players!

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Online Bingo Sites Celebrate Halloween with the Lucky Witch Slot

Halloween is almost here! As usual, there are a few sites in the gaming world leading the celebratory charge towards the festive season, kicking off with some great Halloween promotions. Online bingo players have much to be grateful for as the sites at which they play offer great bonuses and games throughout the holiday period.

First up – Butlers Bingo, who is offering 25 free spins on Lucky Witch slot for all players who deposit £25 or more. This is a fabulous slot game, perfectly themed with pumpkins, spellbooks, potions and of course the Lucky Witch herself. We love this game and think it will definitely be one of the most played games across Halloween!

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Online Bingo – Sorting the Crud from the Quality

There are some games which manage to capture the imagination like no others, such as when Angry Birds was released on the iPhone, everyone went hysterical and went out and bought it because it was so addictive and fun. It’s popularity literally spread like wildfire, which is why online bingo is also such an incredibly popular game. It’s occupied the public imagination for a long time now and has always been one of the most popular games around. If you’ve never tried it, you should really think about getting in on the action, I guarantee it won’t disappoint you.

If you’re new to online bingo, one of the first things worth thinking about is, where you’re going to play. I’ve played bingo at a bunch of places over the years and can safely say that some sites are head and shoulders above the competition.

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Facebook Introduces Real-Money Online Bingo Games

Bingo fans everywhere are rejoicing after Facebook announced it would begin to provide real-money online bingo games on its social platform.

Facebook has partnered with Gamesys, the operator who supports popular brand Jackpotjoy Bingo, to produce Bingo Friendzy, the bingo game that supports real-money transactions. It’s the first of its kind for the social network and it’s seen as the ideal starting point because bingo is already such a social game.

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The ChitChat Bingo Cash-athlon is Giving Away £4,000!

Thank goodness for online bingo, otherwise Olympic fever might be quite unbearable. It seems like everywhere you turn you can’t get away from sports coverage and although we all know people who rejoice in the 24-hour news cycle involving medal tallies, some of us need a little break. Not that we can’t still benefit from the Olympics – ChitChat Bingo is running a fantastic Olympic-themed promotion giving players a chance to win lots of cash!

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Playing Bingo Online In the Sunshine

Finally it appears that the long awaited summer we have all been anticipating like eager school children, has decided to make an appearance and with it, it brings the prospect of the holidays!

I don’t know about you, but I find that when I’m on my holidays, one of my most favorite things to do to relax and have a bit of fun on the side is play bingo online. The reason for this is that it not only allows me to have a good old natter with my friends and Roomies online but also because of the thrill I get playing bingo.

Not many people realize but Bingo is actually a very exciting game where you can win thousands and thousands of dollars, if you play your cards right and pay attention to what is going on. And with the advent of online bingo, you now don’t even have to worry about missing a number or not hearing what number was called out, because you can just use an auto dauber to take the hard work out, so you can just sit back in your garden and continue having a chat with your friends without ever having to worry about missing any numbers ever again.

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The Olympic Specials at Butlers Bingo

Are you ready for the Olympics? We’ve seen a flurry of activity over the past few days – and not just from London council hurriedly trying to put everything in order. Bingo sites have gotten in on the action, offering great promotions to everyone who needs a break from the incessant sporting coverage, or maybe those who just really love to play bingo – and as per usual, Butlers Bingo has come through with a corker!

Join Astrid and the Butler between the 27th July and the 12th August for a range of Olympic-themed events that are sure to get the heart racing and the adrenalin pumping. Whether you prefer to play bingo or slots, the Butler is looking to give away some cash to reward you over the Olympic period!

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