Hold’em Poker Advice for Beginners

Online poker comes in a variety of different games such as SevenCard Stud, Omaha, and Five Card Draw. However one form has swept the internet world to become the number one type of poker online and that is of course Texas Hold’em, and it is this variation of the game that we will concentrate on here.

For the purpose of getting started it is assumed that all readers already know the different basic betting options of Raise, Call, and Fold. So what is the object of Hold’em? Well to win money is the obvious answer, and to do this you need to have the best hand of cards. The rarer the hand you can amass the more it is worth to you, so for example a Full House (3 of a kind and a pair) is less likely to be drawn than a pair, so the Full House wins.

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Types of Online Bingo Games

There are a wide variety of online bingo games available for play. Most of these games will fall into one of the following categories. Knowing what these types of bingo entail are important so you don’t get into a game that you don’t think you’ll enjoy.

One type of online bingo variety is five in a row. This is perhaps the most additional form of bingo. Its name relates to the five letters that are used to spell the word bingo. When playing five in a row bingo the chips can be arranged in a number of patterns. This would include horizontally, diagonally and vertically.

Speed bingo is another type of bingo game. In this variation the numbers are called out very quickly. Also in this game it does not take as many numbers to have a match as other bingo varieties. In fact in some games you can win with as low as three numbers.

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Casino Movies to Watch at Cold Winter Nights

Casinos are seen as the realm of the rich and famous and we get this illusion from Hollywood and the movies that they make. From corrupt casino owners to casino heists, there’s something that’s cool and collected about casino movies, and here are s a few of the best out there.

The Cincinnati Kid, 1965

This classic movie about poker stars screen legend Steve McQueen and follows an up and coming poker player who tries to prove himself in a high stakes game against one of the masters.

The Sting, 1973

Robert Redford and Paul Newman star in this casino gambling classic where these two Hollywood legends go up against a gangster, to the backdrop of a fantastic soundtrack.

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New Wind is Blowing at WorldGambleBlog.com

As you may or may not know, this site has been sold recently and as of December 1st. This means I’m the new owner and administrator of WorldGambleBlog.com and from now on it seems will be the one who has to keep you entertained.

I only bought it because I saw how much potential it has, there is just so much to do, I don’t even know where to start. But lets not get ahead of ourselves and let’s try to establish where we are now and then move on to where I would like it to be.

Traffic wise, WorldGambleBlog.com is doing quite well, we have several thousand visitors per month, several hundred active subscribers have signed up to receive our newsletter and search engines seem to be quite pleased with us as well.

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Unibet Christmas Surprises and 2000 Euro Freeroll

I just got a letter from Unibet saying they will offer free goodies every day, leading up to a 24th December according to the Unibet Christmas Calendar. You will have to check the advent calendar every day though, as each surprise is being revealed on the same day, otherwise it really wouldn’t be a surprise. Today for example you can make 5 free spins on Gonzo’s Quest slot machine. You will find the Advent calendar here: Unibet Christmas calendar

And it doesn’t stop there, for poker friends there is a poker freeroll time at Unibet! Celebrating Unibet Open Riga week from 1st up to 4th of December, Unibet is offering a generous €2000 guaranteed freeroll for everyone who register from 28th to 4th of Dec by signing up on this page: Unibet 2000 Euro Freeroll.

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The Downfall of Online Poker in the United States

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which outlawed any kind of online wagering activites in the United States in 2006, has been in effect for 5 years now and not much has been done towards legalizing or regulating online gambling. Luckily the governments of most other developed countries have been more sane and have not yet felt the need to control what their citizens spend their money on.

This has led to a wide gap between an average American poker player and players from countries where online poker is still legal. Take World Series of Poker for example – before 2006 non-americans winning WSOP main event were few and far between, however since 2006 the tables have turned and only 2 out of 5 tournament winners were US citizens.

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Online Casino vs. Real Casinos

Many people like to play in the online casino while others like to play in the brick and mortar casino. While both establishments can give you a very good time, the casino online always emerges top when it comes to flexibility, money and time. That is why the number of gamblers who want to play on the internet continues to grow. There is no doubt that you too, even though you will still love the hullaballoo that you find in the brick and mortar establishment, you will want to alternate that with playing in an online casino. When you gamble online, you can play from the comfort of your living room. The time that you would have used to travel to a local joint can be used to play for more prizes.

It is important to note that in the online casino gaming, there is no real dealer pushing you to make decisions that may cost you money. You can play as fast or as slowly as you want. This is very good for newbie players because they can learn their way around the gambling sites as they play. This is the best way to get a good hands-on experience.

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888 poker – easy way to have a winning combination

888 poker is a popular online poker site with great software that anyone will find easy to use. The signup and install process for this poker client is quick and you can be on the tables before you know it.. If you’re into multi-tabling you’ll love the unlimited number of tables you can play at once. It’s a great all-round poker room with a lot to like, whatever format and stakes of poker you play.

The key benefit of this site is the (larger) casino side of the brand – which results in a steady stream of ‘gamblers’ into the poker area. This makes the tables at 888 poker online extremely profitable for those with a little poker strategy knowledge! Add to this the great selection of no-limit Holdem games and tournaments and you have a winning combination.

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The new type of bingo games – 888 Ladies bingo

888 Ladies Bingo have been around for quite a few years and have made a good name for themselves within the gaming industry. They are powered by the popular Globalcom bingo software, which is owned by the subsidiary company, the 888 group.

You will find two different variations of bingo at the 888 Ladies Bingo site, these include the traditional 90 ball bingo and 75 pattern ball bingo. You will also find an array of instant games, slots and casino style games. Its possible to play some of their mini games in the same browser window when you play bingo, instead like other software which makes you switch between windows.

In the game options include you being able to daub your own bingo tickets or have them auto dabbed for you. Also bingo card sorting which allows you to have you closest to win tickets shown first.

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Something interesting. 888 Casino Games!

888 has well over a decade of experience now in the gambling industry and over these years they have been able to build up a solid reputation. You won’t be able to find any unhappy customers that have used 888 and in fact most people that end up joining 888 never leave. One of the benefits of choosing to play with 888 is that they have an online casino, online poker room and online sportsbook all connected to the same portal. This means you can use all three of these services with just one account if you’d like.

If you want to take a break from the blackjack tables there are over a hundred other games in the casino that you can play ranging from card games to video slot machines. There are a few progressive jackpots in the casino to be won and if you’re lucky enough it could be you. All of the 888 Casino games can be played in your browser which means it doesn’t matter what type of operating system you’re using. If you prefer downloading the casino software to your computer that is also an option.

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