The Best of England Away in the Six Nations

England made history by winning all three of their away games for the first time ever. On Sunday, the team gave their best performance under Stuart Lancaster and beat France in Paris 22-24. It would have been only the most loyal of supporters to be betting online for a French defeat at home, but the reward and satisfaction are all there for whoever took the plunge.

In the first twenty minutes of the game Tuliagi and Foden produced tries that led to a 14-3 lead, France fought back to come within two points at 15-17. Throughout the game, England had to keep their concentration and confidence at its highest to fend off the French. England looked to have the game all done, with Croft try and Farrell’s conversion, but a Fofana try brought the French back within striking distance of taking the game. But England held their nerve and a French was not to be, with failed drop goal attempt by Trinh-Duc.

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