How To Prepare Yourself To Play Online Poker In A Tournament

I was playing some poker with a few mates the other night as part of my friends birthday but by the time it got down to the last three of us it was so late none of us had enough energy to continue.

I find that when I play online poker I have a lot more freedom to get up and leave whenever I want, that is, as long as I’m not playing a tournament. Of course when I’m playing a tournament it can go on for hours and you have to seriously commit several hours to playing it through just as if you were playing a tournament with your mates. When you’re playing with your mates you’re inextricably bound to one another, you have to continue till someone emerges as the overall winner and has all the chips. Cashing out is just not an option.

This has it’s benefits and it’s drawbacks as I’m sure you’ll have discovered playing tournaments online or playing tournaments with your friends. In it’s favor, when you can’t cash out, it means everyone has to be a hundred percent committed to the game. Tournaments are a test of your endurance and your concentration skills. Many great poker players fall by the wayside because they cannot sustain the necessary concentration required for a game which takes several hours. If this is the case for you, then I recommend short hand play, so you come out on top early on and ensure that the tournament does not go on too long, otherwise you’ll flag, lose your concentration and eventually your stack.

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