Spend Saturday Night With the Rainbow Riches Slot Game

Are you planning on heading out tonight to spend yet another Saturday buying ridiculously overpriced drinks and forgetting how good it was when your shoes weren’t slowly cutting off all circulation to your toes? Can I tempt you by suggesting you give the pediatric agony a miss and spending the night in instead, with a big bowl of crisps and Rainbow Riches slot open on your desktop?

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Can the Rose Bloom for the US Masters?

Justin Rose is emerging as one of the main contenders for the title at the US Masters in April. Justin’s back problems seem well and truly gone, and he has now started to show his true potential. His confidence is growing, especially after his first World Golf Championships win in Miami. The price for Rose winning the US Masters is 33/1 at SkyBet and deserves a bet. Risk averse punters can always go each way, and cover themselves in the event Justin comes up a bit short and finishes in the first five.

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Immortal Romance Enters the Hall of Online Slots Fame

You might have played a lot of online slots in your time and become in a very strange way, jaded. After hours of flashy fun on the five-reels, which is of course thoroughly enjoyable, you might think nothing can surprise you anymore. After all, at their heart slot machines are fairly basic – reels, winning combinations and themes that determine the symbols. If you’re lucky, you’ve chosen a game with bonus features and if you’re smart, you’ll have chosen a game with a healthy payout ratio. But beyond that, you’ve started to feel like slot games are all the same – so Immortal Romance slot is a welcome breath of fresh air.

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Hope For Online Betting Fans: Miami Masters sees a stronger Andy Murray

Andy Murray has stated that his coach Ivan Lendl has made him stronger and hopefully will lead to the British Number One becoming more successful on the world scene. Andy beat Falla in Miami in straight sets and looks strong for the tournament. This may not have been the case, especially with his shock exit in Indian Wells and he was quick to admit that in the past it would have adversely affect his performance going forward. But thanks to Lendl, Murray seems to have gained that mental toughness to overcome those insecurities, something that will please British online betting pundits looking for Andy to break into the Grand Slam titles.

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The Best Online Bingo Sites Are Made By Players Not Payrolls

Before bingo went online, choices were simple, if you wanted to play bingo you’d just head down to the local bingo hall on a Friday night. You’d bump into a few friends, play a few cards, have a few drinks and have a great time. However nowadays the Internet provides us with infinite choice, which means that it can be impossible to decide. What was once the best online bingo site last week is now not even displayed in the search results!

It can be infuriating to say the least, to see what you thought was well established bingo site disappear from the rankings all together. This is why you can’t always rely on search engines providing you with the best results, after all they are all subsidized by adverts and at the end of the day, if you’ve got the most money, you’re going to be able to stay at the top of the rankings.

So who can you trust if you’re really after finding a site which offers you the best bingo experience you can find online? Well look no further than the players! The players who play day in day out on the bingo sites and know them like the backs of their hands. It’s the players who make the experience what it is and create the community, so if a site doesn’t treat its players well or it’s a bit tight on prizes and payouts, it’s through the players where you’ll hear about it first.

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Are Free Bingo Bonuses Really Free?

As we have covered previously on Gambler’s Joy, there are always new Bingo sites making splash but how do you discover the best sites out there for you. Luckily, we have some valuable tips for our bingo players that might be of value.

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New Social Casino Games Developer Enters the Market

London social casino games company Plumbee has launched Mirrorball slots, its first game on Facebook. Mirrorball slots is a graphically enhanced story-led collection with three slot games with fairytale themes: Rapunzel’s Tower, Goldilocks and the Wild Bears and The Magic Mirror. Further games are in the pipeline, with Big Bad Wolf tipped to be the next.

Founded by EA Playfish executives, Plumbee raised $2.8m in financing from the Paris-based Idinvest Partners. Guillaume Lautour, Partner at Idinvest, said of the new partnership: ‘We are strong believers in social games and specifically the remarkable growth in the social casino vertical has caught our attention. We’re very excited to back the Plumbee team, with its extensive experience and proven track record in both social games and online gambling.’

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The Latest Online Casino Games On the Horizon

Online casino gamers watch out, there are a bunch of new slot games heading your way and they’re sure to cause a storm.

The first we’re looking forward to is Scarface slots, which looks set to blow all the other online casino games out the water. As Tony Montana once, said, “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” So for any fans of the classic film who want to make some serious money but not follow in his footsteps then it’s worth checking out this great slot when it lands in April.

Later on this year you can look forward to The Dark Knight slot based on the last Batman movie which is set to be huge. The Dark Knight was one of those films that has attracted a huge cult following since the tragic demise of Heath Ledger and this game is sure to please fans of the movie.

If anyone here has played Immortal Romance slots or Thunderstruck and enjoyed it, then Scarface and the Dark Knight slot will definitely be up your street.

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Budget 2012 Tackles Slot Machines

There’s been a huge amount of chatter this week in the community following the Chancellor’s announcement of a 20% duty to be imposed on fruit and slot machines. Of course, the new duty – called the ‘Machine Games Duty (MGD)’ simply replaces the existing Amusement Machine License Duty and VAT, but the existing rate is 17% – which most bookies agree is a revenue neutral position.

The move has been slammed by industry organizations including the Association of British Bookmakers, which estimates the new duty will cost 11,000 jobs across the UK. Major high street companies William Hill and Ladbrokes are expected to take £11m and £14m hits to their profit margins, respectively.

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Tax changes should bring back the big hitters in tennis

It is not the normal deal for the Budget to have any huge impact on sport. But this year, new tax rules to be employed should make it easier for Britain to pull the world’s best tennis players. The issue for some time, has been the fact that top players are taxed on their endorsement income, which means that it then poses a serious concern to the growth and development of the game and major sporting events. However on Wednesday, it was confirmed that training days will be taken into account when calculating the tax owed. This means that we should be able to bet online on Rafael Nadal winning the title at Queen’s next year!

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