5 Things to Do BEFORE You Play the Slot Machines

Big 5 Slot

If you are a casual gambler who doesn’t gamble very often, then you probably don’t put a lot of thought into playing the slots. You may visit a land-based casino a couple of times a year, or play online every once in a while. However, if you play slots regularly there should be some type of method to your play. Here are five steps you should … [Continue reading...]

Is winning less than the amount wagered really a win?

Hot Hot Penny Slot

Over the past few years a technique used by slot machine manufactures to induce a positive response in players is manipulating win frequency. They are able to increase the frequency of wins by awarding a sum less than the amount bet. If you are a newer player this may not seem like a unique situation, but this is a fairly recent change to how slot … [Continue reading...]

Introduction to Sports Betting

Sports Balls

Sports’ betting has taken a huge leap in popularity in the last five years that has coincided with the rise of the internet. Everybody can now have a piece of the action, and there is a multi billion dollar industry that thrives thanks to the ever growing demand for sports betting. It is safe to say that sports’ betting has been around for … [Continue reading...]

Greg Elder’s “Gamblers Fight Back” Book Review

Gamblers Fight Back by Greg Elder

Today is the official release date for Greg Elder's newest book "Gamblers Fight Back: A Professional Gambler's Journey of How to Survive and Thrive in the Casino". Since I grabbed a pre-release copy about a month ago and already finished reading the book, I decided to write a review about it. In short, the book has a strong emphasis on professional … [Continue reading...]

The Basics of Blackjack

Poker Card and Chipstacks

Blackjack is one of the simplest casino games, and is also the most popular of the entire casino banking games. Blackjack is also known as Twenty-one, and has been around for hundreds of years and has since become a staple of casino gambling and has also found a strong audience in the growing trend of online casinos. The objective of Blackjack … [Continue reading...]

How to Play Online Craps


Craps is one the classic games of luck, where players bet on the outcome of a roll of the dice. It has become a casino favorite as the intensity and pot luck nature draw players to the game. It is a great game for those looking for casual gambling fun but is also suitable for high rollers, but be warned the luck is in the dice. Being such a … [Continue reading...]

Someone Just Won Nearly 18 Million Euros with Mega Fortune Slot

Mega Fortune Slot

I just published this breaking news at my slot blog how a Finnish man has just won almost €18 million at PAF online casino with Mega Fortune slot machine. I have been able to confirm the story is true by sending an e-mail to PAF and they replied with this press release: New world record! Player wins nearly 18 million euros in online … [Continue reading...]

Free Gambling Book Giveaway

Gamblers Fight Back by Greg Elder

I know I haven't paid much attention to this blog for the past year, but that's because I have been busy building and improving a slot blog I own. I announced a free gambling book giveaway at 777click.com about a week ago and figured since this is a gambling blog, you might be interested. It's a new book called "Gamblers Fight Back" written by a … [Continue reading...]

Roulette School, a Beginners Guide

People Playing Roulette

In this article we will be looking at the game of roulette and explaining how the game works and how it is one of the best casual gambling experiences. The first thing that any roulette player needs to know whether you are a beginner or an expert is that the game is pure chance. There are no strategic ways in which you can increase the … [Continue reading...]

The Art of Poker: A Beginners Guide

Poker Card and Chipstacks

Welcome to this online guide for the game Of Texas Hold'em. This guide will give you a complete beginner's crash course, and equip you with the skills to start your poker playing confidently. Poker is as much about instinct as it is tactical nous, and although our guide cannot promise you victories it can give you the best platform to only need to … [Continue reading...]